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Why Indian Cuisine Is More Diverse Than You Think

Why Indian Cuisine Is More Diverse Than You Think

Depending on your knowledge of Indian cuisine, you may not realize that there are more than just a few different types of authentic Indian dishes. In fact, there are over 30 different regionally recognized styles of Indian cuisine within India. If you’re wondering how that can be, just factor in the following:

  1. American cuisine isn’t just Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, or Pizza is it? Of course not! In New Orleans, you’ll generally see a lot more fish or “creole” style dishes. On the West Coast, you’ll see a lot more “tex-mex” style dishes. In the New York/Tri-State area, you will likely find a “bit of everything” because of how diverse our community here in the North East truly is.
  2. India and its cuisine is no different!

One very common misconception people have about Indian cuisine is about one of its most popular dishes: Curry. But did you know Curry powder isn’t a singular spice? While curry is definitely one of the most popular dishes in India, many people don’t realize that curry powder isn’t actually a single spice. It’s actually a mixture of several different spices. The traditional mixture doesn’t change much, although many curries will vary from one region to another. This is important to keep in mind because while it’s a very popular dish, it’s commonly misrepresented. The same can be said for much of the amazing cuisine made throughout India.

Did You Know?

Indian cuisine offers some of the most variety in the world. Many parts of Northern India may offer more of a “meat based” cuisine. Whereas coastal regions of India are more fish based, and most southern regions of India may have some Asian influences in their cuisine. What’s even more intriguing to many people, is the fact that the rice used in many Indian dishes isn’t actually from India. It goes back to the Asian influences found in a number of regionally based Indian cuisines. While rice is a major component found throughout Indian cuisine, it was actually first grown in and gathered from Thailand. Today however, India is one of the largest producers of rice in the world, and most Indian citizens have implemented rice into their daily diets.

You May Be Surprised To Know That… Kulfi is the most popular Indian ice cream.

That’s right, if you thought Indian cuisine didn’t include desserts, you would be wrong. Kulfi is a traditional Indian-style of ice cream. The major difference between Kulfi however or a more “American style” ice cream is that Kulfi isn’t whipped, and contains less air than ice cream. This makes Kulfi a bit more solid than “American style” ice cream. Kulfi can even be made at home and garnished with chopped pistachios. Kulfi is also generally frozen and made into the shape of a cone prior to serving. This amazing dessert is traditionally served in ‘matka’ or a ‘covered cup.’ Interesting tid-bit: the word ‘kulfi’ comes from the Persian term for a covered cup.


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