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What To Choose, What To Choose!

It’s happened to all of us at some point or another. We’ve sat down to eat somewhere, and we see a menu full of tantalizing entrees to enjoy. We order the entree that suits your fancy, then realize: “wait a minute, what should I get with that lamb, chicken, fish, or vegetarian dish?” It sounds like it should be easy on paper. You just pick something, eat it, and enjoy it right? Well luckily for you, we’re here to help make things a little easier when it comes to selecting what’s right for you (and your guests). Here are some helpful tips and suggestions to make eating good food a little bit easier.

Think about the setting

Informal settings such as Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations, or a Celebration of life (funerals, wakes, or bat mitzvahs) are generally attended by close family or friends. It’s more than likely that you’ll know your guests well enough to feel comfortable catering your event with specific menu items. These also tend to be smaller gatherings or events. Whether those menu items be Vegetarian, Chicken, Lamb, Fish, or a combination, you’ll likely be able to narrow down your selections much easier.

Formal settings such as Company Gatherings, High School School Reunions, or Large Special Events that may include a mixture of friends, acquaintances, co-workers, or strangers are generally attended by a much larger group of people. Many of which you may or may not have the food preference, allergy information, or dietary information for. That being said, it is generally recommended that you either gather survey information from all guests prior to catering the event in order to determine what should and shouldn’t be served. Or, you can order enough of everything to cater to any and all needs you may or may not be aware of at your event!

Regardless of what type of event you are catering, or the needs of your guests? Catering by Tandoor has got you covered! We will happily cater to any event in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut!

What type of entree is it

Lamb and Chicken dishes are among the most popular throughout all of Indian cuisine. Whether it’s a Lamb Vindaloo, Lamb Badami, Chicken Vindaloo, or Chicken Saagwala; the pairing options are almost endless! Having a plentiful selection of rice, potato, and bread options available are generally the best ways to go for your event. Most meat based dishes pair best with a steamed or creamy type of side dish.

Fish dishes aren’t generally the most popular types of Indian cuisine. That being said, the Tandoori Fish Tikka (Chunks of Seasonal Fish, Marinated In an Aromatic Herb Mixture Cooked In Clay Oven) is a wonderful option to consider for your guests! What’s great about this dish, is you can pair it with a variety of different options: Steamed Basmati Rice, Chilli Paneer, Naan, and Paratha are all great accompaniment options!

Vegetarian options plentiful in Indian cuisine. At Catering by Tandoor, we offer everything from Vegetable Cutlets (a House Favorite – Vegetable Croquette) to Cashew Rolls (Potato Croquettes Coated With Cashew Nuts). That being said. You should probably consider having several vegetarian options available if you’re planning to have it as an option at your next party of event. Most vegetarians tend to have very specific tastes, and tend to prefer pairing certain things based on their own personal taste preferences (rice based, potato based, etc).