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Variety Is The Spice Of Life

So Many Options! What’s Right For Your Event?

Maybe you’ve got a family reunion coming up, and you all like different things. Maybe you’re a vegetarian planning an outing with like minded friends who share in your vegetarian lifestyle! For whatever the occasion is, it’s good to have options. Here are some good suggestions.

Outdoor Events

Most outdoor events face only 3 types of weather conditions: Cold, Hot, or Just Neutral weather. You want to make sure your guests aren’t just well fed, but comfortable as well! Certain dishes definitely go better with certain days. Especially when your event is taking place outdoors.

Depending on the weather conditions you’re facing, it’s a good idea to plan accordingly!

  • Cold Weather Ideas. Consider a number of heartier options. Meats: Lamb or Chicken. Vegetarian: Potato and Rice based entrees. Along with soups and steamed side dishes.
  • Hot Weather Ideas. Consider your primary entrees (regardless of the type) to be paired with a number of lighter side dishes (rice and vegetables) and cooler desserts (puddings, fruits, and ice-cream).
  • Neutral Weather Ideas. Consider the guests and the setting. Whether your guests are most meat eaters or vegetarians or a combination of both. Mixing and matching your entrees, sides, and desserts is much easier when you’re catering to an outdoor event in an ideal weather situation. Take the time to potentially survey your guests and see what everyone’s preferences are. Or, if you prefer, simply get a wider array of options to cater to any and everyone’s needs at your event!

Indoor Events

Most indoor events are generally easier to cater to, simply due to the fact that you don’t have to worry about inclement weather conditions or outside variables (extreme heat or cold, high winds, rain, or snow). With an indoor event, you can provide your guests with a wide variety of options. The only things to factor into your event are whether it’s a more formal or informal setting. Do you know your guests well? If so, you may want to confirm what your guests would prefer prior to your event. Are most of your guests strangers, co-workers, or simply acquaintances? If so, you may want to consider gathering survey information from everyone attending prior to catering your event! You may also want to consider providing enough variety to cater to any and all of your guests, along with their potential needs or preferences.

An event can sometimes be made or broken based on the Food, Music, Lighting, Sound, and other areas that compliment your event. Sometimes just having a great speaker, or amazing furnishings aren’t enough to overcome a poor dining or entertainment experience for your guests. Make sure you factor in all of the important variables: weather or setting, indoor or outdoor, before catering or providing any entertainment for your next event. Luckily for you, at Catering by Tandoor, we can handle the food side of things. The rest? It’s up to you. Don’t worry though. Just keep our tips in mind for your next event, and remember, “you’ve got this!”